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Ealing Hospital NHS Trust


Promoting partnerships in care with families
Children's healthcare is based in the two child-friendly wards on level 10 of the hospital - Charlie Chaplin and Princess Amelia.  There is a special care baby unit in the maternity department and separate children's treatment areas in outpatients and accident and emergency.

Family-centred care with parents and extended families joining with the hospital team is the key to paediatric care today. Everything is planned in discussion with children's families who are encouraged to play an active part in day-to-day care during the hospital stay.

The paediatrics team
We have a large team of specially trained staff - the medical team led by six consultants, an experienced paediatric nursing team plus a specialist physiotherapist, dietician and play leader. School studies are kept up-to-date with the help of a full-time teacher who is employed by Ealing Council.

Our community children's nursing team provides expert support for children and families at home as part of the continuing care.

We work in partnership with Great Ormond Street Hospital providing continuing care both on the ward and in the community for seriously ill local children. We work closely with the community child development team to care for children with long-term disabling conditions.

Ealing Hospital has a nationwide reputation as the largest British centre providing high-calibre training for junior paediatricians.

Charlie Chaplin inpatient ward
Charlie Chaplin ward, level 10 north, provides a friendly home-from-home atmosphere for our young patients and their families. There is a playground on the roof terrace with a conservatory for parents to relax from the anxieties of their child's illness.

At any one time there will be up to 20 children between the ages of 0-16 years staying on Charlie Chaplin ward. They come to us with a huge variety of conditions - asthma, pneumonia, diabetes, leukaemia and other cancers plus surgical problems and recovery from accidents.

Day care unit - Princess Amelia ward
As much as possible our treatment for children takes place on a day care basis which is welcomed by children and parents. Being able to recover in the familiar surroundings of home makes the experience far less traumatic.

Our children's nurse-led day care unit on level 10 cares for over 3,000 children a year who attend for minor operations, special investigations and treatments such as joint injections, chemotherapy and blood tests.

Special care baby unit
The special care baby unit in the maternity department has 15 special cots for newborn babies who are ill or require special observation. The specially-trained medical and nursing staff look after babies born as much as 12 weeks prematurely, providing high dependency or short-term intensive care. Supporting new mothers and showing them how to provide the special care that their premature babies need is an important part of the nurses' role. The unit also has an active support group for families to share experiences.

Children's section of accident and emergency and outpatients
In outpatients we have special child-friendly treatment areas with attractively-decorated consulting rooms and a fun playroom waiting area.  In accident and emergency there is a special paediatric resuscitation room. Trained paediatric nurses staff the units.

All our childcare facilities are designed to make a visit to Ealing Hospital as pleasant and non-intimidating as possible for our young patients.


Phlebotomy service

We offer a GP phlebotomy service on Thursday morning (by appointment only).


Key Info

Charlie Chaplin inpatient ward: 020 8967 5641

Princess Amelia day care unit: 020 8967 5570

Community paediatric nurses: 020 8967 5020

Special care baby unit:
020 8967 5571