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Ealing Hospital NHS Trust

Clinical Audit and Effectiveness


The Clinical Audit Team (CAT) supports clinical audit activity at Ealing Hospital NHS Trust and is here to give you advice and support. The small team of experts has specialist skills and knowledge on project planning, audit tool design, data collection and analysis.  You should discuss your proposed project with a member of the CAT and complete an audit proposal form

The CAT adheres to the Clinical Audit policy and strives towards achieving the targets and objectives set out within the
Clinical Audit strategy. The team has produced a Clinical Audit handbook which provides detailed information on every step of the Clinical Audit cycle.  


Each year the CAT collectively contributes to the completion of an annual audit and effectiveness report, which lists audit activity for the Trust over the last financial year. In order for your audit to be included within the 2013-14 report it is imperative that you complete an audit proposal form


The Clinical Effectiveness Group (CEG) (terms of reference) is the working group that oversees audit and effectiveness activity and approves the priority audit programme for the Trust. The aims of the group are to:


  • Support the Trust in improving patient care through Clinical Audit
  • Promote multidisciplinary clinical audits to improve the quality of patient care
  • Monitor the implementation of national guidance (i.e. NICE and NCEPOD)
  • Evaluate the use of new techniques, procedures and changes in practice which maximise benefits to patients
  • Actively encourage patients and patient representatives in Clinical Audit

To support the Trust in maintaining compliance with Clinical Quality indicator “Engagement in Clinical Audit” and the relevant Care Quality Commission requirements.  


Applications for new techniques and procedures to be introduced to EHT are submitted to this group for approval. If you wish to introduce new ways of working within EHT the following information will help you: Application for Innovation and Application guide


For more information or copies of the above documents, please contact Sadia Siddique, Clinical Governance Manager, sadia.siddique1@nhs.net 020 8967 5769



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Sadia Siddique
Clinical Governance Manager
Tel: 020 8967 5769

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