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Ealing Hospital NHS Trust

Blood tests (Phlebotomy department)

The Phlebotomy department, based in the outpatient department, is a walk-in service where the patients take a ticket and wait their turn. The waiting time can sometimes take anything up to an hour.  Note: appointments are not made.


The department sees approximately 250 patients each day. This includes patients from the outpatient clinics, GPs and the community.


Patients with fasting requests eg cholesterol/lipids/glucose should arrive in the morning.  Patients must have nothing to eat or drink from 10pm the night before the test (except water which should be encouraged).

Special tests eg glucose tolerance test, gastrin levels and chromosome analysis can be arranged by ringing our direct line on 020 8967 5399.


Method of referral

Blood requests will only be accepted during opening times with the following information on the form:


  • Patient’s full name

  • Date of birth/hospital number

  • Clinical details

  • The GP's address/practice code in order for the result to be returned


All children aged 16 years or under must be accompanied by an adult, otherwise a test will not be carried out.


The department should be informed prior to appointment of patients with special needs ie physical or mental.


Tests requiring appointments

Patients requiring glucose tolerance test (GTT), GTT suppression test, chromosomes studies and gastric studies should telephone 020 8967 5399 to book these tests.  Where necessary instructions will be given.


Oral glucose tolerance test (GTT)

Instructions will be given to the patient when the appointment is made. The patient will spend approximately two hours in the department.


Glucose suppression test

Instructions will be given to the patient when the appointment is made.  The patient will spend approximately three hours in the department.


Chromosome analysis karyotype

Blood must be collected before 2pm Monday-Thursday for direct transport to The Kennedy Galton Centre, Northwick Park Hospital.


Paediatric phlebotomy (blood collected from children from the age of five years and above)

Blood samples will be collected from children aged five and above.

All children aged 16 years or under must be accompanied by an adult; otherwise the test will not be carried out.

If the child is particularly worried it would be advisable for the GP to telephone us first.



Results will be sent directly to the GP. Urgent requests should be clearly marked and highlighted.

Key Info


Outpatient Clinic 1 on

Level 2


Telephone enquiries

020 8967 5399


Opening hours

Monday to Friday 8.00am to 4.30pm

Note: appointments are not made


Phlebotomy Manager
Sophie Gohil

020 8967 5730 or 020 8967 5000