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Ealing Hospital NHS Trust

Therapy and rehabilitation

Therapy and rehabilitation services are available throughout the borough of Ealing at Ealing Hospital, Clapyonds Rehabilitation Hospital, Ealing Day Treatment Centre, community clinics and health centres and people's own homes.


The services, provided by Ealing Rehabilitation Services (ERS), include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, dietetics, podiatry (medical care for feet) and adult audiology and psychology.

At Ealing Hospital, ERS provides physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dietetics, psychology, podiatry and audiology for in and out-patients of Ealing Hospital Trust.

Speech and language therapy is currently provided for in-patients only.

At Clayponds Rehabilitation Hospital, patients who need in-patient and out-patient rehabilitation can be seen at Clayponds Hospital and Day Treatment Centre.

The hospital provides specialist care for all ages. Clayponds Hospital has 78 beds, 26 of which are dedicated to people who have suffered a stroke.

Also catered for are people who need rehabilitation following falls, orthopaedic or general surgery or other debilitating illnesses.

Some beds are for respite care for people with long-term conditions in order to give their carers well earned breaks.

Ealing Day Treatment Centre provides out-patient therapy and rehabilitation services. Services include a daily mobility clinic where people can be assessed for walking aids.

Therapy services are also provided in health centres, clinics and some GP practices across the borough.

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