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Ealing Hospital NHS Trust


You will be cared for by dedicated nurses who will co-ordinate your day to day care and discuss any worries or problems you may have.

Different grades of nurses and other staff working on the ward wear different uniforms. On the main adult general wards these are:

Senior nurse matron - purple tunic with black trousers or purple dress


Senior sister or charge nurse - navy blue dress or tunic


Clinical sister or charge nurse - royal blue dress or tunic

Senior staff nurse - navy blue and white dress or tunic with navy epaulets

Junior staff nurse - navy and white stripped dress or tunic with white epaulets

Healthcare assistant - sky blue dress or light green dress or tunic

Student nurses (female) - lilac and white or blue and white striped dress or tunic

Student nurses (male)
- white tunic Ward clerk - blue and white striped blouse and navy skirt

Housekeepers - white and green striped tunics

  • Our new senior nurse matrons in their eye-catching purple uniforms are in overall charge of everything on the ward - patient care, staffing, quality of food service and cleanliness of the ward.

  • Ward sisters or charge nurses supervise nursing care on the ward.

Many other members of staff may be involved in your treatment or care, such as doctors, physiotherapists, dietitians or social workers.

Medical staff

  • The consultant in charge of your treatment will supervise your care.

  • Ealing Hospital is an Associated University Hospital of the University of London. There may be medical students attached to your consultant's team as part of their training. You may be asked if one of these students could participate in your care. If you are not happy about this then please tell us.

Talking in confidence
Any information about your illness is treated in strict confidence. As a patient you are fully entitled to see the information held in your medical records. Information will only be given to family, friends or carers with your permission. The leaflet 'Your medical records are safe with us' tells you:


  • Exactly how we use your medical records to help you

  • How the confidentiality of your records is safe guarded

  • How you can arrange to see your own medical records

Protected Mealtimes at Ealing Hospital
Breakfast: 8.00am
Tea & biscuits: 10.00am.
Lunch: 12.30 - 13.30 pm
Afternoon tea and snack: 3.00pm (request this on your menu card)
Evening meal: 5.30 - 6.00pm
Late evening drink: 7.00 - 7.30pm

Everyday there is a choice of food which you will be able to select from using the menu cards.

Please let staff know if you require Kosher, halal, vegetarian, vegan or Afro-caribbean meals.

When you are admitted to the ward a member of the nursing staff will assess your nutritional needs. You will then be advised on the type of food that you may need to select.

Making your choice
Menus are coded to help you to choose the right foods for your needs. If you are ever unsure what to chose ward staff will help you.

Soft diet - choose items marked S on the menu.
Healthy diet - choose LF items on the menu for low fat.

Therapeutic diets:
1. Common therapeutic diets - special food that is part of your treatment Ward staff will put the right sticker on your menu card to make sure you have the right diet eg
Diabetic - choose the main course coded LF but if you have been advised that you need to put on weight, choose the E code. Always remember to choose a reduced sugar dessert marked D.
High protein/high energy - if you need building up to help your recovery, choose all E items.

2. Complex therapeutic diets - These are complicated diets where your doctor or the nurse in charge will refer you to your ward dietitian who will assess and advise on your special dietary needs in hospital and for when you are discharged.