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Ealing Hospital NHS Trust

Trust pledges to improve the patient experience

Ealing Hospital NHS Trust has pledged to continue improving the experience of patients during their stay in hospital.


Following the publication of the national Patients’ Survey 2010, the Trust will be focusing on ways to ensure that patients feel they are better cared for and that their views and comments are being listened to and acted upon.  


The Trust’s new Nursing Director, Julie Halliday, said: “We remain determined to improve the way we provide services to patients and make patients feel they are part of the decision-making process in our hospital.  It is disappointing that only a small number of patients respond to the survey but that is a common trend for hospital trusts across London.”


“We set up an Improving Patient Experience Group three years ago, made up of staff, patients and non-executive directors, to explore what we were doing right, and what we needed to focus on to make things better.”


“Some of the work of that group has borne fruit, particularly around reducing noise levels in the wards at night for patients, and improving the patient experience during discharge.  We have also done much in recent months to improve single-sex accommodation in the hospital.”


“But there are a number of areas that we need to focus on in the next year.  One key action that we believe will help us improve is the further roll-out of what we call 'Intentional Rounding'.  This involves establishing regular targeted ward rounds by nurses that address patient comfort and also include actions to reduce pressure ulcers, falls and ensure patients are well nourished.  In addition to reducing harm to patients it will increase patient-staff contact.


21 April 2011