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Ealing Hospital NHS Trust

Joint statement on Emergency Services from Ealing Hospital Trust and NHS Ealing: 1 March 2010

Ealing Hospital Trust and NHS Ealing (the local Primary Care Trust) confirm their commitment to emergency services at Ealing Hospital.  Reports that the A&E department is under threat of imminent closure are incorrect.  To the contrary, plans are being advanced to supplement the department with an unscheduled care service, to ensure that patients presenting receive the most appropriate care.


The PCT and the hospital recognise that strategic changes will take place in the future, derived from the implementation of policies to increase care in community settings and reduce reliance on care in hospitals as described in “Healthcare for London”.  To help manage the implications of these changes the two NHS bodies are creating from 1 April a new integrated care organisation - London Westside Healthcare NHS Trust - which will combine local acute and community services.  Working together over the next few years NHS Ealing as commissioner and Westside Healthcare as provider will redesign local services to improve their effectiveness, efficiency and accessibility.